Our Roots 

Ugly Onion Pizza is a mobile wood-fired pizza catering company 

In spring of 2018, Max Buskey and Sam Ketchum began working together to create a catering experience different from anything they had seen before. The result was a pizza catering company now known as Ugly Onion Pizza Co. Both Max and Sam have experienced working on Tunbridge Hill Organic Vegetable Farm for a few seasons as farm hands, where they have had the opportunity to live day to day eating the freshest produce. Typically provided by “seconds vegetables," these vegetables were too large, blemished, or deformed, and would never have made market because it is common practice to leave these “Ugly vegetables” out of food sales. As a result of their exposure to this knowledge and experiencing it first hand they began to realize the common misconceptions about "Ugly" produce. These practices across the country have a huge part in leading to the USDA’s findings that 30-40% of our nation's food production is wasted. This staggering fact equates to about 1.3 billion tons of food that is wasted in the United States, annually. Max and Sam both view this as a major social and ethical issue, particularly one that needs light shed on it as soon as possible. 


Overall from their farming experiences they were able to garner a deep understanding of the implications a sustainably operated vegetable farm can have on bettering a community, and its soil. As a result, our biggest priority this coming season is to focus on sourcing our produce and ingredients from sustainably operated organizations, in hopes to promote positive consumption at our events, and worldwide.


Max and Sam are both students at the University of Maine, class of 2020. Their majors are, respectively, sustainable agriculture and Communications and their interests provide a unique perspective on our country's agriculture practices. They want to spark conversations and interactions that help anyone they encounter move towards an average better understanding of how their food and agricultural systems can be better, and most importantly how their practices running the catering business reflect this.

Meet The Ugly Chefs

Sam Ketchum

Toby Ketchum

Max Buskey

Nevin Ketchum